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Trying to sell your home yourself without an agent

and save a few bucks… I get it.  And, with the growth of the internet being used as a way for buyers to find homes, I hear from a number of homes owners that they are considering just trying to sell their homes themselves, especially those that had trouble selling previously.  As the market starts […]


Did you know that we can help you or your family, friends and associates with their real estate needs anywhere in the US, Canada and now International? We sure can!!! – If you are looking for a property in the Outer Banks = We can help!!! – If your mom needs to sell her house […]

5 Reasons Why You Could be Turned Down for a Mortgage Loan

Knowledge is power. And for some, applying for a mortgage can be a scary process. But if you want to buy a home in the St. Pete FL Area, it is a required step and one of the first steps. There are a number of reasons why this is scary and knowing why you may […]

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