How to Pick a Lake Monticello Real Estate Agent

Lake Monticello Main BeachSo you are considering buying a home in Lake Monticello and are wondering how you go about selecting an agent to assist you with a home search. You want to select an agent that is familiar with the area. One that has experience working with both buyers and sellers in Lake Monticello. Here is some information that may assist you in making your decision.

Not every agent that is in the Charlottesville Area works (or likes to work) in Lake Monticello

From the first of September 2013 to the end of August 2014, 216 homes were recorded as sold in the Charlottesville MLS (432 sides). Of the 800+ agents in the MLS system, only 140 were involved in transactions that took place in the Lake. They either worked with the buyer or the home seller. Think about that. Close to 700 agents had nothing to do with the Lake over the past 12 months.

And the numbers become even more telling when you drill down deeper.

The top Lake Monticello Real Estate Agents were involved in 55.6% of the home sales in the Lake. That is right. The top 20 agents represented 240 “sides” or 120 of the sales that took place. The other 120 agents accounted for, or were involved with, the other 96 sales.

Lake Monticello is a unique area. Not every community has its own Police force. Not every community is Gated, or having a marina, or a golf course or a number of beaches.

So the figures show that there are a number of agents that have not kept “up-to-date” with the happenings in Lake Monticello for at least a year, whether by choice or by the nature of their business. There is another group that has had a minimal involvement. They have listed a home or worked with a buyer.

My experience has shown, that when you bring up the Lake to some agents that live or work in Charlottesville that they indicate they try to avoid going all the way out to the Lake. (Even though the commute time to downtown is only 15-20 minutes). They share this with fellow agents, or other people in the real estate industry, but they do not always share this with buyers and sellers. So they end up getting up to speed on the particulars of the area, at the potential expense of the buyer or seller.
You have a CHOICE. A choice to work with an agent or team that is familiar with Lake Monticello or an agent that does not regularly work in the area.

The Choice Homes Team has a keen focus on the Lake Monticello Real Estate market. We are one of the top agents in the Lake. We not only sell in the Lake, we live inside the gates near the golf course and have children in the local schools. We would love to be your choice of agent when it comes to seller or buying in the Lake.

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